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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The A to Z about friends..

Accept you as u are

Believe in having fun

Cherish time together

Dream big dreams

Enrich, comfort and delight

Follow up and follow throught

Grow forever memories

Honor each other feelings

Invite you into their hearts

Just call to say "how are u??"

Know when something's up

Love u no matter what
Multiply joys and devide sorrows

Nurture each other's souls

Overcome adversity together

Picks you up when you are down

Quickly forgive and make up

Remind you about your greatness

Smile when they think of you

Thrive on share trust

Understand when to 'just' listen

Value time together

Walk with you, side by side

Yearn to stay connected

Zest to live, love and laugh


this qoutes is dedicate to all my fellow friends!!!
BFF forever!!



wanie hurmm. speechless. :'(
hallo pliss provide everyone tissue.

setiap kali aku cakap aku sayang ang
tapi kali aku nak ckp

i hate u.!! sbb senang aku nak away dari ang. x payah nak sedih2 kalo cakap aku syg ang. so naku benci ang gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


GOODBYE. hope kita dapat hang out. makan dm sama2. pegi prep sama2. pegi HR sama. thatss all.

sahabatmu yg x penah jemu melayan kerenah mu

wanie mat zin said...

adesss kejang perot aku bca comment unk!!!!hahahahahahahhahaha
ok aku pown benci unk!!!!hahahahhahahahahahahaa

mizan stop jgn bwat lawk!!!hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha


aku mana ada buat lawak weh. aku crius nih


menadah tgn supaya diampunkan dosa sbb tpu kawan. ahemm tipu sunat

wanie mat zin said...

tipu sunat dpat pahala ka dosa mizan...*mka innit.....hahahaha

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